Thursday, April 9, 2015

Please Help

Clear my Jail And Institution REcrpd: I was told To Do this To Stay Still TO ave The Internet So it could Neve RGo way or TeRrorist Attacks :

My Story

They disappeared Like In 2008 WhAt These People Don;t Know I Need adder alt hey leave at the church at Martin's This fucking shit: And Teddy Dies To a ST. Jude Cros Whichi n MY Child Hood Religion : : : : Angel : &  Dmeon I am Like In Dc * vertigo Preacher He Save T.v. The Cross H Wear 

Crystals are More Complex :

3D I DOnt Tink I Need Anythig But For You TO send :

I SEe I only Want the ADdErall And I see That Darla HAs a Picture On the Best Buy I am Also

Surely ...

Peace Lpve + EmAPthy PRoDuction (....)

I Am oin a T.v. Show Run by These Peole From The Church And They Also Run the Brc 

You Can See

Thi sis ME AT the S.E.L. 127 W.25Th Street Ny. NY 10024

If You gEt Your Firs TAParTment OIn YOuR BirthDAy That;s Your GolDen BiRthDAy You May Enter MAnHAttan : 

Wow The CyNiCism IF you Read My Story YOu'LL See I DOn'T Like The Angels of EvAnGelion ProDuCtin (Xx) OcCupy WaLl STreeT Boy Who RE-REGiGgs Internet (...)

I Got ChriSTii E Cummings in me Must be U.s. giv3rnetn Is ee a Black ma I can see I have to GO there Way !(!)